Interface ServerLoginNetworking.LoginSynchronizer

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This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

public static interface ServerLoginNetworking.LoginSynchronizer
Allows blocking client log-in until all all futures passed into waitFor(Future) are completed.
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    void waitFor​(Future<?> future)
    Allows blocking client log-in until the future is done.
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    • waitFor

      void waitFor​(Future<?> future)
      Allows blocking client log-in until the future is done.

      Since packet reception happens on netty's event loops, this allows handlers to perform logic on the Server Thread, etc. For instance, a handler can prepare an upcoming query request or check necessary login data on the server thread.

      Here is an example where the player log-in is blocked so that a credential check and building of a followup query request can be performed properly on the logical server thread before the player successfully logs in:

       ServerLoginNetworking.registerGlobalReceiver(CHECK_CHANNEL, (server, handler, understood, buf, synchronizer, responseSender) -&gt; {
       	if (!understood) {
       		handler.disconnect(new LiteralText("Only accept clients that can check!"));
       	String checkMessage = buf.readString(32767);
       	// Just send the CompletableFuture returned by the server's submit method
       	synchronizer.waitFor(server.submit(() -&gt; {
       		LoginInfoChecker checker = LoginInfoChecker.get(server);
       		if (!checker.check(handler.getConnectionInfo(), checkMessage)) {
       			handler.disconnect(new LiteralText("Invalid credentials!"));
       		responseSender.send(UPCOMING_CHECK, checker.buildSecondQueryPacket(handler, checkMessage));
      Usually it is enough to pass the return value for ThreadExecutor.submit(Runnable) for future.

      future - the future that must be done before the player can log in