Interface ResourceManager

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NamespaceResourceManager, ReloadableResourceManagerImpl, ResourceManager.Empty

public interface ResourceManager extends ResourceFactory
Provides resource loading capabilities to Minecraft.
Namespace Name
official adt
intermediary net/minecraft/class_3300
named net/minecraft/resource/ResourceManager
  • Method Details

    • getAllNamespaces

      Set<String> getAllNamespaces()
      Gets a set of all namespaces offered by the resource packs loaded by this manager.
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official a Ladt;a()Ljava/util/Set;
      intermediary method_14487 Lnet/minecraft/class_3300;method_14487()Ljava/util/Set;
      named getAllNamespaces Lnet/minecraft/resource/ResourceManager;getAllNamespaces()Ljava/util/Set;
    • containsResource

      boolean containsResource(Identifier id)
      Checks whether any of the currently-loaded resource packs contain an entry for the given id.

      Starts by querying the resource pack with the highest priority to lowest until it finds one that responds to the requested identifier.

      id - the resource identifier to search for
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official b Ladt;b(Lww;)Z
      intermediary method_18234 Lnet/minecraft/class_3300;method_18234(Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;)Z
      named containsResource Lnet/minecraft/resource/ResourceManager;containsResource(Lnet/minecraft/util/Identifier;)Z
    • getAllResources

      List<Resource> getAllResources(Identifier id) throws IOException
      Gets all of the available resources to the corresponding resource identifier.

      Resources are returned in load order, or ascending order of priority, so the last element in the returned list is what would be returned normally by ResourceFactory.getResource(net.minecraft.util.Identifier)

      Each resource in this returned list must be closed to avoid resource leaks.

      id - the resource identifier to search for
      FileNotFoundException - if no matching resources could be found (i.e. if the list would be empty)
      IOException - if resources were found, but any one of them could not be opened to be read.
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official c Ladt;c(Lww;)Ljava/util/List;
      intermediary method_14489 Lnet/minecraft/class_3300;method_14489(Lnet/minecraft/class_2960;)Ljava/util/List;
      named getAllResources Lnet/minecraft/resource/ResourceManager;getAllResources(Lnet/minecraft/util/Identifier;)Ljava/util/List;
    • findResources

      Collection<Identifier> findResources(String startingPath, Predicate<String> pathPredicate)
      Returns a sorted list of identifiers matching a path predicate.

      Scanning begins in startingPath and each candidate file present under that directory will be offered up to the predicate to decide whether it should be included or not.

      Elements in the returned list may not, necessarily be unique. Additional effort is advised to ensure that duplicates in the returned list are discarded before loading.

      startingPath - the starting path to begin scanning from
      pathPredicate - a predicate to determine whether a path should be included or not
      the list matching identifiers
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official a Ladt;a(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/util/function/Predicate;)Ljava/util/Collection;
      intermediary method_14488 Lnet/minecraft/class_3300;method_14488(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/util/function/Predicate;)Ljava/util/Collection;
      named findResources Lnet/minecraft/resource/ResourceManager;findResources(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/util/function/Predicate;)Ljava/util/Collection;
    • streamResourcePacks

      Stream<ResourcePack> streamResourcePacks()
      Gets a stream of loaded resource packs in increasing order of priority.
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official b Ladt;b()Ljava/util/stream/Stream;
      intermediary method_29213 Lnet/minecraft/class_3300;method_29213()Ljava/util/stream/Stream;
      named streamResourcePacks Lnet/minecraft/resource/ResourceManager;streamResourcePacks()Ljava/util/stream/Stream;