Interface LunarWorldView

All Superinterfaces:
BiomeAccess.Storage, BlockRenderView, BlockView, CollisionView, HeightLimitView, WorldView
All Known Subinterfaces:
ServerWorldAccess, StructureWorldAccess, WorldAccess
All Known Implementing Classes:
ChunkRegion, ClientWorld, ServerWorld, World

public interface LunarWorldView extends WorldView
Namespace Name
official bww
intermediary net/minecraft/class_5424
named net/minecraft/world/LunarWorldView
  • Method Details

    • getLunarTime

      long getLunarTime()
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official ae Lbww;ae()J
      intermediary method_30271 Lnet/minecraft/class_5424;method_30271()J
      named getLunarTime Lnet/minecraft/world/LunarWorldView;getLunarTime()J
    • getMoonSize

      default float getMoonSize()
      Gets the current size of the moon in the world.
      the size of the moon on a scale of 0.0F to 1.0F
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official ak Lbww;ak()F
      intermediary method_30272 Lnet/minecraft/class_5424;method_30272()F
      named getMoonSize Lnet/minecraft/world/LunarWorldView;getMoonSize()F
    • getSkyAngle

      default float getSkyAngle(float tickDelta)
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official f Lbww;f(F)F
      intermediary method_30274 Lnet/minecraft/class_5424;method_30274(F)F
      named getSkyAngle Lnet/minecraft/world/LunarWorldView;getSkyAngle(F)F
    • getMoonPhase

      default int getMoonPhase()
      Gets the moon phase index of Minecraft's moon.

      This is typically used to determine the size of the moon that should be rendered.

      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official al Lbww;al()I
      intermediary method_30273 Lnet/minecraft/class_5424;method_30273()I
      named getMoonPhase Lnet/minecraft/world/LunarWorldView;getMoonPhase()I