Class PressableWidget

All Implemented Interfaces:
Drawable, Element, Narratable, Selectable
Direct Known Subclasses:
BeaconScreen.BaseButtonWidget, ButtonWidget, CheckboxWidget, CyclingButtonWidget

@Environment(CLIENT) public abstract class PressableWidget extends ClickableWidget
A pressable widget has a press action. It is pressed when it is clicked. It is also pressed when enter or space keys are pressed when it is selected.
Namespace Name
official ekq
intermediary net/minecraft/class_4264
named net/minecraft/client/gui/widget/PressableWidget
  • Constructor Details

    • PressableWidget

      public PressableWidget(int x, int y, int width, int height, Text message)
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official <init> Lekw;<init>(IIIILss;)V
      intermediary <init> Lnet/minecraft/class_339;<init>(IIIILnet/minecraft/class_2561;)V
      named <init> Lnet/minecraft/client/gui/widget/ClickableWidget;<init>(IIIILnet/minecraft/text/Text;)V
  • Method Details

    • onPress

      public abstract void onPress()
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official c Lekq;c()V
      intermediary method_25306 Lnet/minecraft/class_4264;method_25306()V
      named onPress Lnet/minecraft/client/gui/widget/PressableWidget;onPress()V
    • onClick

      public void onClick(double mouseX, double mouseY)
      onClick in class ClickableWidget
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official a Lekw;a(DD)V
      intermediary method_25348 Lnet/minecraft/class_339;method_25348(DD)V
      named onClick Lnet/minecraft/client/gui/widget/ClickableWidget;onClick(DD)V
    • keyPressed

      public boolean keyPressed(int keyCode, int scanCode, int modifiers)
      Callback for when a key down event has been captured. The key code is identified by the constants in GLFW class.
      keyCode - the named key code of the event as described in the GLFW class
      scanCode - the unique/platform-specific scan code of the keyboard input
      modifiers - a GLFW bitfield describing the modifier keys that are held down (see GLFW Modifier key flags)
      true to indicate that the event handling is successful/valid
      See Also:
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official a Lemg;a(III)Z
      intermediary method_25404 Lnet/minecraft/class_364;method_25404(III)Z
      named keyPressed Lnet/minecraft/client/gui/Element;keyPressed(III)Z