Interface Spawner

All Known Implementing Classes:
CatSpawner, PatrolSpawner, PhantomSpawner, WanderingTraderManager, ZombieSiegeManager

public interface Spawner
Spawns entities in a world.

A spawner is typically used to spawn entities within a special context, such as cats in a village or wandering traders. This is different from the mob spawner logic which is used for the spawner block, or the structure spawn conditions (such as guardians) which is defined in ChunkGenerator.getEntitySpawnList(net.minecraft.registry.entry.RegistryEntry<>,, net.minecraft.entity.SpawnGroup, net.minecraft.util.math.BlockPos). However, cats in swamp huts are spawned in both CatSpawner and the normal structure spawning.

Namespace Name
official cjj
intermediary net/minecraft/class_5304
named net/minecraft/world/spawner/Spawner
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    spawn(ServerWorld world, boolean spawnMonsters, boolean spawnAnimals)
    Spawns entities into a world.
  • Method Details

    • spawn

      int spawn(ServerWorld world, boolean spawnMonsters, boolean spawnAnimals)
      Spawns entities into a world.
      spawnMonsters - whether monsters should be spawned
      spawnAnimals - whether animals should be spawned
      the number of entities spawned
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official a Lcjj;a(Lahm;ZZ)I
      intermediary method_6445 Lnet/minecraft/class_5304;method_6445(Lnet/minecraft/class_3218;ZZ)I
      named spawn Lnet/minecraft/world/spawner/Spawner;spawn(Lnet/minecraft/server/world/ServerWorld;ZZ)I