Class FlyingEntity

All Implemented Interfaces:
CommandOutput, Nameable, EntityLike
Direct Known Subclasses:
GhastEntity, PhantomEntity

public abstract class FlyingEntity extends MobEntity
Namespace Name
official bdy
intermediary net/minecraft/class_1307
named net/minecraft/entity/mob/FlyingEntity
  • Constructor Details

    • FlyingEntity

      protected FlyingEntity(EntityType<? extends FlyingEntity> type, World world)
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official <init> Lbdr;<init>(Lbdv;Lcjw;)V
      intermediary <init> Lnet/minecraft/class_1297;<init>(Lnet/minecraft/class_1299;Lnet/minecraft/class_1937;)V
      named <init> Lnet/minecraft/entity/Entity;<init>(Lnet/minecraft/entity/EntityType;Lnet/minecraft/world/World;)V
  • Method Details

    • handleFallDamage

      public boolean handleFallDamage(float fallDistance, float damageMultiplier, DamageSource damageSource)
      Called when an entity falls.

      Flying mobs and mobs immune to fall damage should override this to do nothing. Mobs with reduced fall damage should override this method to apply reduced damage instead. Some entities explode instead of applying fall damage, like TntMinecartEntity.

      handleFallDamage in class LivingEntity
      whether to play the sound when falling on honey block; false for all entities except horses and llamas
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official a Lbdr;a(FFLbcz;)Z
      intermediary method_5747 Lnet/minecraft/class_1297;method_5747(FFLnet/minecraft/class_1282;)Z
      named handleFallDamage Lnet/minecraft/entity/Entity;handleFallDamage(FFLnet/minecraft/entity/damage/DamageSource;)Z
    • fall

      protected void fall(double heightDifference, boolean onGround, BlockState state, BlockPos landedPosition)
      Called when the entity falls. Flying mobs should override this to do nothing.
      fall in class LivingEntity
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official a Lbdr;a(DZLcyt;Lgp;)V
      intermediary method_5623 Lnet/minecraft/class_1297;method_5623(DZLnet/minecraft/class_2680;Lnet/minecraft/class_2338;)V
      named fall Lnet/minecraft/entity/Entity;fall(DZLnet/minecraft/block/BlockState;Lnet/minecraft/util/math/BlockPos;)V
    • travel

      public void travel(Vec3d movementInput)
      Allows you to do certain speed and velocity calculations. This is useful for custom vehicle behavior, or custom entity movement. This is not to be confused with AI.

      See vanilla examples of custom horse vehicle and flying entities.

      travel in class LivingEntity
      movementInput - represents the sidewaysSpeed, upwardSpeed, and forwardSpeed of the entity in that order
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official h Lbeg;h(Leae;)V
      intermediary method_6091 Lnet/minecraft/class_1309;method_6091(Lnet/minecraft/class_243;)V
      named travel Lnet/minecraft/entity/LivingEntity;travel(Lnet/minecraft/util/math/Vec3d;)V
    • isClimbing

      public boolean isClimbing()
      isClimbing in class LivingEntity
      Namespace Name Mixin selector
      official y_ Lbeg;y_()Z
      intermediary method_6101 Lnet/minecraft/class_1309;method_6101()Z
      named isClimbing Lnet/minecraft/entity/LivingEntity;isClimbing()Z